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Submission Process

Submissions: Submissions follow one of two paths depending on whether or not they have already been published.

  • Unpublished:  Once submitted, the story goes to the editors. If they like it, it will go to the story runner for final approval. All final decisions for publication to the Kaleidocast will be made by the story runner.​

  • Reprints:  If the reprint came from a pro-paying market (print or online), your work will go right to the story runner. If your story has been published in a semi-pro or token-paying market, it will go to the editors for review before going to the story runner. All final decisions for publication will be made by the story runner. Reprints cannot be resubmitted if rejected. 

  • Multiple and Simultaneous Submissions: We will accept multiple submissions. However, keep in mind we will only produce one story from an author per season, so your second will be produced the following season.  We do accept simultaneous submissions as long as the other place you are submitting to is not asking for exclusive or first audio rights.

  • Our response time is fast, typically not more than three weeks.  Still, please let us know if a story is being considered elsewhere.

  • Response Time: Once you have submitted your story, please wait at  least three weeks before querying us about your story’s status.

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